A globe with a pangenome tube map - colorful lines representing different genomes- wrapped around it


  • Nanopore sensors for nucleic acid analysis

    Abstract: In the past decade, nanometre-scale pores have been explored as the basis for technologies to analyze and sequence single nucleic acid molecules. Most approaches involve using such a pore to localize single macromolecules and interact with them to garner some information on their composition. Though nanopore sensors cannot yet claim success at deoxyribonucleic acid…

  • Highly Accurate Classification of Watson-Crick Basepairs on Termini of Single DNA Molecules

    Abstract: We introduce a computational method for classification of individual DNA molecules measured by an α-hemolysin channel detector. We show classification with better than 99% accuracy for DNA hairpin molecules that differ only in their terminal Watson-Crick basepairs. Signal classification was done in silico to establish performance metrics (i.e., where train and test data were…

Last modified: Aug 01, 2003