Discover the Scientific Principles of Life with David Haussler

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BME 18 – FALL 2024 MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY 12:00 PM – 1:05 PM

This fall consider taking Scientific Principles of Life (BME 18) with Professor David Haussler Scientific Director, UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute. This course satisfies the Scientific Inquiry 5-course credit requirement for undergraduates. 

Learn generalized principles of life as it exists on this planet, from Darwinian evolution to genetics, alongside mechanistic, thermodynamic, and information theoretic theories of life. Explore the future of life from the internet to machine learning and adaptation, artificial intelligence, genome editing, and fully artificial life.  

Enroll at using class # 11286. 

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David Haussler’s team launched the first working draft of the human genome on the internet. He is one of the world’s leading experts on genomic science. His current work with the UCSC Braingeneers uses brain organoids to explore the evolution of the brain and basis of human cognition.

Last modified: Jun 17, 2024