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Project Based Learning

“It was amazing watching the students light up as they performed science experiments for the first time… This course inspired many students to start doing research in computational neuroscience, and even inspired some to pursue PhDs.”

-Matthew Elliott, Graduate Researcher and Teaching Assistant, UCSC
headshot of Matthew Elliott a Graduate Researcher and Teaching Assistant

Our technologies are making it possible for highschools, community colleges, and universities to provide their students to conduct real hands-on experiments that they would not otherwise have the resources and staff to offer. An initial feedback analysis has found that working with our technologies had a large influence on how students saw themselves in relation to STEM professionals.

Engaging in project-based learning through our cloud-based technologies is helping students to feel like they can be a part of the STEM research community. Watch more videos from students on our UCSC/ Alisal Collaboration Playlist

After these early collaborations allowing high school students to use microscopy on autocultured organisms/cells, we expanded to bring  experiments on resource-demanding organoids to college classrooms, equipping students with experience and skills that are in high demand in the biotech industry.

Learning simple code through lab-on-a-chip teaching experiences

lab example

Students remotely operated optofluidic chips that were based on the UCSC campus, allowing them to learn simple coding as they executed their experiments. 

Progress and final results were available online in real-time.

Last modified: May 08, 2024